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  • 100 Best DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns ( Free)

    Do you want to make a macrame plant hanger? ... A dignified look has been created using the glass bead beautifully slipped on to the macrame rope threads. These plant hangers will eye-catching to any specific interior. Do duplicate these macrame plant hangers for your spaces. Complete free macrame pattern with full project instructions here magnoliamarket . Macrame Plant Hangers: One more eye ...

  • How to Plant in a Pot Without Drainage Holes | Magnolia

    2019-03-07 · We chose this glass jar for a small Swedish ivy plant. We wanted to use a clear container for our example so that you can easily see the layers throughout the process. Here's what you'll need: + A container or pot + Landscape rocks—we used gray marble rocks + Horticultural charcoal + Potting soil . These items can all be found at your local greenhouse or garden center at a home ...

  • How to Make a Plant Terrarium | Dengarden

    2019-05-08 · Glass container: as noted above, choose a container that will be appropriate both for the plants you intend to grow inside, as well as your level of commitment and patience. Pebbles: small stones or pebbles available at your local arts and crafts store or anywhere that sells aquariums. You can use your own, but make sure they are clean and free from microorganisms (use bleach, rinse well).

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